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Please let us know how we can be of assistance!

If you are filling out this form to be placed on a WAIT LIST, we will be in contact soon with further information as spots open up for your desired age group/session. 

In an attempt to be as fair as possible, WAI
T LIST priority will be given to EMW residents first and then to non-residenial players in order of most to least experience playing with EMW Lacrosse in previous fall, winter and summer sessions. 

Any remaining spots will be opened to brand new players to EMW Lacrosse.

All Boys Winter 2024 Lacrosse Sessions are filled and currently closed.  We will contact you if you join the WAIT LIST and a spot opens up.

Elma, Marilla or Wales resident?

Thank you for your interest in EMW Lacrosse! You will be hearing from us very soon!

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